Your Valentine’s Day Gif Guide To Making Out

  by Mark Tichy.

Music will inevitably play a key role in enriching this most romantic of days but it can also help make you a better kisser. True story. Today’s Required Listening mines some of the best recent music videos to extract this GIF guide to making out. Click the GIF to watch the rad music video it came from.

There is rarely a moment in life more pregnant with passion than the moment right before you first kiss. So savor it!

Laura Stevenson and The Cans know how to do just that in their video for “Master Of Art” where paintings come to life and make out with art lovers.

Laura Stevenson and The Cans

Savor the anticipation.

Get a little nutrition with your romance with the official fruit of Valentine’s Day, the Strawberry.

North Carolina pop-punk band Museum Mouth shows you how to do it in their raucous video for “Sexy But Not Happy” where the chorus rings out with the words “I don’t want a girl who wants to kiss all the boys.”

Kick up the romance and the antioxidants with Strawberries.

Start out slow, then get Rock & Roll.

On rare occasions you can just dive right in like this couple in the rad new ON AN ON video for “The Hunter.” But usually you want to start slow, then work yourselves into a frenzy.

Don’t think you can just dive right in, unless you can.

Know how much is too much tongue.

Apologies, this isn’t from a music video but it does graphically illustrate precisely what not to do. Thanks to Chess Club Comedy for making this one for our College Quickies series.

Too. Much. Tongue.

Making out in public is often frowned upon (“Get a room”) but today you should go for it.

The Lumineers are no strangers to romance. This is one of a few tender moments in their intense new video for “Stubborn Love.”

Valentines Day is a day pass for making out in public.

Finally, if you have no one to kiss Music will always be there for you.

Let your passion for your favorite bands get you through the day with a smile like this sultry Cazzette fan girl in the Swedish DJ duo’s recent video for “Beam Me up.”

Music will always be there for you.